Training for the Certificate of Competence

According to §14 of the German Explosives Law, the state trade supervisory authorities and the workers’ compensation board require employees of automobile garages, body shops, waste disposal, recycling companies, and vehicle upholsterers to have broad expertise. Every company dealing with pyrotechnic systems has to name a responsible specialist. These employees need a Certificate of Competence.

In this seminar, the participant becomes acquainted with the principle of operation and the structure of the safety systems as well as recognizing system specific malfunctions in order to be able to repair them. Furthermore, the participant will be familiarized with the legal regulations.

Course content:

  • Structure and function of safety systems
  • Components of restraint systems
  • Errors/failures of airbags and seat belt pretensioners
  • Repair instructions for pyrotechnical safety systems
  • Storage and transport of pyrotechnical safety systems
  • Legal regulations and standards concerning the handling of pyrotechnical safety systems
  • Duty of disclosure and breach of the law
  • Practical demonstration and ignition of airbags

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Duration: 1 day
Course result:
Certificate of attendee on the proof of competence for handling airbags and seat belt tensioners in the car
Course fee:
260,00 EUR net per participant (VAT reversed.)
Course documents and meals are included in the course fee.

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