Other non-pyrotechnical products

Material Testing

With regard to the safety of the vehicle occupants, it is necessary that the materials used for the interior meet minimum requirements for flame propagation. The formation of flames should be avoided or at least be delayed so that the occupants can leave the vehicle in the case of a fire. We test the burning behavior of components and materials according to the following specifications:

  • DIN75200
  • FMVSS302 Testing of the Burning behavior

Equivalent works standard of the manufacturers:

  • VW: TL-VW 1010
  • Daimler: DBL 5307
  • Porsche: PTL 8501
  • Ford: EU-BN 24-2
  • General Motors: GM 6090 M
  • Mitsubishi: ES–X60410
  • Renault: MEL 1333
  • Volvo: STD 5031,1
  • BMW: N 601 21.0

Pressure vessels:

We also test products with other primary sources of danger, be it pressure equalization containers, tanks or gas pressure dampers. Ask us, we also test according to your specification.