Product Examination

Firework, Stage- and Theater pyrotechnics

Fireworks still have a fascinating effect on people. However, the handling of fireworks is not innocuous: Every year on New Year’s Eve, several people get hurt. In most cases, alcohol consumption and high spirits play a decisive role. Nonetheless, it often happens that unsafe fireworks are used. These objects are loaded with excessive charge in order to achieve an increased effect. Indeed, it is quite likely that the user’s health suffers. The legislator rightly demands compliance with the legal requirements in order to let the fun of using it not become bitter serious. We test all types of fireworks for their conformity with the given requirements. For importers, we also check whether the promises made by the manufacturers with regard to the height of the rise, the duration of the effect and the size of the effect are correct. With our video analysis systems, we can quickly and reliably determine the true data.


We test all categories according to the relevant standards as e.g. ISO 15947, EN16256.

Other pyrotechnic objects

Burner Tests, Function Tests, Drop Tests of automotive / non-automotive products such as airbags or seat belt pretensioners, circuit breakers, actuators, injectors according to ISO14451, DIN12097, EN16263, EN16264

In order to know if the products meet the requirements in advance, we carry out the necessary tests as development tests. Hence, you can see if your products are already eligible for approval, or you can find out where any weak points might be.

High temperature oven and autoignition tests according to e.g. SAE/USCAR24

Electric Static Discharge (ESD)

We are able to test large-volume airbag modules. A possible ignition of the test specimen does not pose a risk for our test site or the testers.

  • ISO14451
  • ISO16263
  • IEC6000


Furthermore, we are able to fulfill many specific requirements of the automotive manufacturers as e.g.

  • VW TL825 (AK-LV03, AK-LV06, AK-LV09)
  • Toyota TSF6766G
  • Honda TK-BY-055-0762A
  • Nissan 98560NDS00
  • Chrysler PF10827, PF90322, PF6897